Employee-friendly workplace

Basic concept

We believe that achieving work–life balance through the workplace conditions we create is vital to be able to share our prized values of prioritizing sports and the environment and living life without a boundary between work and play, and to allow all employees to work with a sense of purpose and reward.

Preventing excessive work

Starting in FY 2020, we conducted a review to drive work efficiency improvements. We then set the companywide target of annual overtime hours of 720 hours or less for all employees, and are taking steps to reduce overtime work. In FY 2020, annual overtime hours per person came to 137.9 hours, meeting our target, through steps taken including restricting network access and introducing a telework program. We will continue taking steps in FY 2021, with the companywide target of annual overtime hours of 600 hours or less for all employees.

Annual working hours per employee

Annual total working hours per employee 1,830.9 hours/year
Annual hours of overtime work per employee 137.9 hours/year

Support for balancing work and childcare/caregiving

At GOLDWIN, we have developed several beneficial programs beyond those that are legally mandated to support employees in balancing both work and childcare and/or family caregiving.

Use of programs

Program FY 2016 FY 2017 FY 2018 FY 2019 FY 2020
No. of employees using Childcare Leave Program (persons) Male 1 0 0 3 7
Female 21 16 24 28 33
Average no. of days of childcare leave taken(days) Male 211 0 0 111 33
Female 310 363 337 324 351
Percentage of employees returning to work after childcare leave (%) Male 100 0 0 100 100
Female 100 100 95.8 96.4 94.7
No. of people using Shortened Work Hours for Childrearing Program (persons) Male 0 0 0 0 0
Female 8 17 9 20 26
No. of people using Caregiving Leave Program (persons) Male 0 0 0 0 0
Female 0 2 1 0 0
No. of people using Shortened Work Hours for Caregiving Program (persons) Male 0 0 0 0 0
Female 0 0 0 0 0

Other support programs and number of users

Program Overview No. of people using the program in FY 2020 (persons)
Maternity Leave Leave program for the period from 46 days before the due date to 56 days after the birth 28
Spousal Labor Leave Program to grant special leave to attend spouse’s labor 22
Support for Daycare Fees Paid to More than One Provider Program to subsidize daycare fees so that parents can continue to work full-time 0
Parking Fee Assistance Program to assist with parking fees for daycare drop-off and pick-up 1

Launch of programs that enable diverse work styles

We believe that giving employees greater flexibility in when and where they work as well as embracing diverse work styles will result in improved work efficiency and productivity. As part of this, we are launching various programs to support diverse work styles.

Programs to support diverse work styles

Program Outline Eligibility
Paid vacation available in half-day and hourly increments [Objective]
To allow workers to flexibly take leave to accommodate various circumstances
Workers can take paid vacation in half-day increments, and in hourly increments for up to five days per year
Regular, contract and part-time employees
Program allowing side work [Objective]
1) Employees acquire expertise and skills not obtainable within GOLDWIN
2) Employees expand business opportunities at GOLDWIN through acquisition of new expertise and information as well as personal connections created outside GOLDWIN
3) Cultivation of employees’ autonomy and independence, attracting outstanding talent and preventing them from leaving GOLDWIN
1) Sole proprietor-type side work
2) No possibility of leaks of confidential company information
3) No competitive relationship with GOLDWIN’s business
4) For side work outside of standard working hours to be permitted, it cannot negatively impact the employee’s health or work efficiency
Regular and contract employees who have received permission to perform side work
Telework [Objective]
For the purposes of new value creation, contributing to company revenue through improved productivity, and accommodating needs for employees to have more latitude in their daily activities and for contingencies including disasters and infectious diseases
Employees use information and communication technology tools to perform work in locations other than GOLDWIN offices
1) Work from home
2) Mobile work
3) Satellite offices
Of regular, contract and part-time employees, those persons who have received permission to perform their work via telework
Satellite offices [Objective]
Accommodate diverse working styles by providing work spaces for employees for whom telework at home is not feasible
GOLDWIN contracts with a company that operates satellite offices, and allows employees who have made a request in advance to use them
Some regional employees