Contributing to Local Communities

Basic Concept

In the GOLDWIN Group, we conduct a range of activities that contribute to local communities, primarily those in Toyama Prefecture where we were founded, and in the Shibuya neighborhood of Tokyo where our Head Office is currently located. With the technology and expertise we have developed over many years as a sports wear manufacturer, and in line with our corporate philosophy, we offer ways for children and adults to lead a fulfilling and healthy lifestyle through sports.

Shibuya Social Action Partner Agreement with Shibuya Ward (Tokyo)

We have concluded a Shibuya Social Action Partner Agreement (hereinafter referred to as S-SAP Agreement) with Shibuya Ward in Tokyo. S-SAP Agreement is a public–private partnership framework concluded between Shibuya Ward and companies, universities and other organizations with a physical presence in Shibuya Ward for the purpose of solving local community challenges.
Together with Shibuya Ward, we provide various opportunities to engage in activities through sports primarily aimed at children based on our shared goal of realizing an inclusive society.

GOLDWIN and Shibuya Ward have entered a partner agreement to provide the following.

  1. Support for creating an inclusive society through sport
  2. Support for developing the next generation
  3. Support for preserving the environment
  4. Support for disaster mitigation
  5. Other support deemed necessary for the partnership agreement

There wereas no activities in FY 2022 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. We will continue to provide support again in the future.

Past activities

Special Sponsor of the Toyama Marathon

The Toyama Marathon is held in Toyama Prefecture, where GOLDWIN was founded, and we have served as a Gold Partner.
The marathon enjoys a large number of runners spanning all generations and levels, since it was first held in 2015. In addition to our employees volunteering to help put on the marathon, we conduct activities through the marathon to raise awareness among locals for improving the environment, including collecting old clothes and providing participation award tee-shirts made with recycled materials.

Kataller Toyama – Support and Collaboration

Kataller Toyama is a professional soccer team located in Toyama Prefecture, where GOLDWIN was founded. Its aim is to contribute to the healthy development of young people, the growth of sports, and stimulation of the region through soccer, and to make “Hometown Toyama” an exciting place to live. GOLDWIN has supported the team as an official uniform supplier since the team was first launched in 2008.
From the 2022 season, we have also been collecting unwanted clothes from supporters at Kataller Toyama home games. We have been working with the local community to improve the environment with the aim of creating a circular society.


Cooperation with the Prince Tomohito Memorial Cup Hokuriku Welfare Golf Tournament

We have provided support for the Prince Tomohito Memorial Cup Hokuriku Welfare Golf Tournament held at GOLF CLUB GOLDWIN in Oyabe, Toyama Prefecture, every year since the first tournament in 1999.
Many of our employees assist in running the tournament as volunteer staff with the purpose of helping people correctly, and better, understand welfare for people with disabilities. Four of the course’s short holes have been designated as “welfare holes,” with donations received according to the players’ scores and net profits from the tournament being used in welfare activities for people with disabilities living in the Hokuriku region.

National Park Official Partnership Program of the Ministry of the Environment

In 2020, GOLDWIN joined the Ministry of the Environment’s National Park Official Partnership Program. The program was established to help people in Japan and overseas to better understand natural environment preservation efforts and to stimulate the regions that are home to the country’s national parks. Through the program, participants globally publicize the world-class scenic beauty of Japanese national parks, and the appeal of staying within a local national park, to raise the number of national park visitors from Japan and abroad.
By leveraging the knowledge we have built up through our directly managed stores and events focused on outdoor sports throughout Japan, we help increase awareness and promote use of Japan’s national parks.

In FY 2022, we launched the National Parks of Japan project in July with the aim of realizing sustainable “protection and use” of Japan’s national parks. We sold original limited-edition goods from the National Park Collection, with part of the proceeds being donated for the conservation and management of national park areas. We also organized eight PLAY EARTH ADVENTURE tours on seven different courses in national parks to learn about the history and culture of each region and to interact with the local people. In addition, we also promoted the appeal of Japan’s world-class national parks by organizing two “National Parks of Japan” photography exhibitions at the Shinjuku Gyoen Art Gallery and holding three online seminars to raise awareness for our national parks.
By leveraging the knowledge we have built up through our directly managed stores and events focused on outdoor sports throughout Japan, we help increase awareness and promote use of Japan’s national parks.

Comprehensive Partnership Agreement with Shari Town in Shari District, Hokkaido Prefecture

On October 9, 2021, GOLDWIN and Shari Town signed a Comprehensive Partnership Agreement on Regional Revitalization with the aim of sharing a sense of direction for the future and driving initiatives that have made the Shiretoko area a field for outdoor activities. Goals of the agreement include continuing the philosophy of creating an outdoors culture, increasing the appeal of the Shiretoko National Park, creating an abundance of nature experiences for children as custodians of the future, and pursuing sustainability.
In 2019, prior to this agreement, we opened THE NORTH FACE / HELLY HANSEN Shiretoko, a directly managed store, within the Shiretoko National Park Nature Center. In addition to selling sports wear and gear to travelers and locals, we also collaborated with Shari Town, and local organizations and businesses, to develop outdoor activities, develop industry, and conserve nature.
In FY 2022, we held the Athletes Summit in September—a gathering of The North Face athletes–and in October, we organized an environmental training program for our business partners. Activities included programs to experience the nature of Shiretoko and picking up trash on the beach.
We will continue to promote collaborations with Shari Town, providing support for the promotion of outdoor activities and creating nature experiences for children in the diverse and open outdoor fields of Shiretoko.

Comprehensive Partnership Agreement with Hakone Town , Kanagawa Prefecture

On March 9, 2022, GOLDWIN and Hakone Town signed a Comprehensive Partnership Agreement on Regional Vitalization with the aim of energizing the region through collaborative projects, preserving the natural environment, and realizing a bright future for children as custodians of the future. This agreement will enable each of us to effectively utilize our resources, from the knowledge we have gained about experiences and lessons in the outdoors, to the natural environment in Hakone Town.
In FY 2022, we hosted HAKONE TOWN × GOLDWIN KIDS SUMMER CAMP 2022 in July. Sixteen participants, including local children, took part in the camp, going on a night walk, attending workshops on nature, and trying their hand at parquetry work. In September, HAKONE TOWN × GOLDWIN HAKONE Outdoor Experience Class Vol. 1 was held. Forty-four children from kindergartens, nursery schools, and early learning and care centers in Hakone Town participated and enjoyed cooking over an open-air fire using wood from thinned forests in Hakone.
Other activities include an initiative with a local fishermen’s cooperative, repairing and improving mountain trails, and support for a day camp demonstration experiment at the Hakone Woodland Museum. We plan to continue these efforts in partnership with Hakone DMO (Hakone Tourist Association), including more broadly communicating the natural attractions and potential that Hakone has to offer.

Three-way Comprehensive Regional Partnership Agreement with Hayama Town (Kanagawa Prefecture) and Hayama Marina

On March 29, 2023, we signed a Comprehensive Agreement for Collaboration and Cooperation with Hayama Town and Hayama Marina to promote greater understanding of the importance of getting close to, protecting, and nurturing the natural environment of Hayama Town, including the sea and mountain forests, for the next generation.
Matters for collaboration are:
(1) Promotion of projects for greater familiarity with marine life, etc.
(2) Promotion of projects for managing satoyama and greater familiarity with mountain flora and fauna, etc.
(3) Promotion of projects for the conservation of Hayama’s natural environment
(4) Other activities deemed necessary to achieve the objectives of the agreement.
The purpose of the agreement is to improve the quality of life for local residents and to revitalize the community by promoting projects that make effective use of their respective resources through close collaboration and cooperation. The aim of the agreement is to increase understanding of the importance of getting close to, protecting, and nurturing the natural environment such as the sea and mountain forests, which are two of the attractions of Hayama Town. Going forward, we will organize events for the local Hayama children to familiarize them with the local sea and mountains, providing an opportunity for the next generation of leaders to learn about the asset that is Hayama’s natural environment.

Comprehensive Partnership Agreement Between THE NORTH FACE and Hokuto City in Yamanashi Prefecture

In January 2020, GOLDWIN’s “THE NORTH FACE” brand and Hokuto City in Yamanashi Prefecture signed a comprehensive partnership agreement. Through this comprehensive partnership agreement, both parties plan to implement problem-solving activities such as teaching children about the appeal of Hokuto City, improving mountain trails and other environmental protection measures and improving access to outdoor fields from train stations. From July 2021, we started providing support for the operation of the Mountain Taxi service linking JR Kobuchizawa Station with the start of mountain trails in the Yatsugatake Mountains, Mount Kaikoma in the Southern Alps, and other areas.
In FY 2022, the number of events and other activities had to be reduced due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but going forward, we will continue to implement a range of initiatives, including maintenance of mountain trails by our employees.

Sponsored the International Trail Running Association ULTRA-TRAIL Mt. FUJI

GOLDWIN sponsors ULTRA-TRAIL Mt. FUJI (UTMF), which is an international trail running race of more than 160 km, covering the base, trail paths, walking paths, and woodland paths of Mt. Fuji. We have been sponsoring this event since its first year.
Although it had to be canceled in 2020 and 2021 to help stop the spread of COVID-19, it was held again this year, from April 22 to 24, 2022, with our employees helping out as ground staff in various roles, from supporting the athletes to checking equipment, operating the water stations, and providing guidance.

[UTMF Participation T-shirt Recycling Project]

Through a partnership between GOLDWIN, JEPLAN, INC., and the UTMF Executive Committee, we carried out efforts to collect participation T-shirts from past events and other events. The materials from the collected T-shirts will be re-used for the next UTMF participation prize T-shirts.