An Inclusive Society Through Sports

Basic Concept

At GOLDWIN Group, we aim to realize a world in which people’s differences are accepted, including attributes of sex, nationality, social status and physical ability or disability, and in which everyone can lead their life as they see fit and is respected as a member of their community. Based on the engineering and experience we have built up as a sports apparel manufacturer, we are making contributions through sports aiming to have these principles of an inclusive society become widely understood.

GOLDWIN Supports Para-Sports by Encouraging “Doers,” “Audiences,” and “Supporters”

GOLDWIN has been actively supporting para-sports with the technology and expertise it has developed over many years as a sports wear manufacturer. Our ultimate goal is to help create an inclusive society where everyone with different capabilities can live a healthy life together. Toward this goal, we encourage “doers,” “audiences” and “supporters” of para-sports so that all may enjoy sports.

Outfitting “Doers”

Love sports, play sports, and believe in the power of sports. With “SPORTS FIRST” as our slogan, GOLDWIN contributes to the fulfillment of a meaningful life and the development of a healthy society by supporting the development of sports doers and contributing to local communities.
In this spirit, we signed an official partnership agreement with the Japanese Para-Sports Association in April 2015, and we have been supporting its efforts to create an enjoyable environment where everyone can continue to participate in sports activities.
We have also concluded contracts with various sports leagues and associations, and we provide apparel for Japanese national teams by brands that we plan and produce.
In FY 2022, Japanese national teams in various sports gave good performances in the new uniforms we provided. These uniforms were developed in line with athletes’ requests after multiple rounds of meetings and tests wearing the uniforms, and they played a supporting role in helping the athletes perform. From FY 2022, we have also worked with some of the sports bodies to collect old uniforms and sports wear for recycling in the Green Cycle program that we launched.

Supporting Wheelchair Rugby Team Japan
GOLDWIN employee Takayuki Suzuki competing for Japan at a Paralympics swimming event
Providing uniforms for Hinotama Japan, the Japan national boccia team
Supportingt five Japanese national teams of the JAPAN Para-Ski Federation (alpine, Nordic, and snowboard)
Supporting visually impaired climbers through Monkey Magic NPO

Educating and Inspiring “Audiences”

As a part of our efforts to help para-sports succeed, we actively encourage our employees and their families to attend and watch para-sports events. By promoting attendance among family members, including children, we hope to foster a better understanding of and familiarity with para-sports, which we believe is important for realizing an inclusive society. Various events are being held with spectators again, and we are continuing to create opportunities, having resumed mobilizing events and rallying employees and their families to watch.

Employees watching and supporting events at the Japan Para Swimming Championships
GOLDWIN employee team enters a boccia tournament

Aiding “Supporters”

A framework for assisting “supporters” is essential for para-athletes to succeed in realizing an inclusive society. We provide staff uniforms to various organizations and associations.
In FY 2022, GOLDWIN employee and para-swimmer Takayuki Suzuki appeared at a number of symposiums and talk shows to speak about the concept of an inclusive society and about the importance of accepting diversity to people of all ages.

GOLDWIN supports:

Monkey Magic Nonprofit Organization

Japan Para Sports Association

Japan Wheelchair Rugby Federation

Japanese Para-Swimming Federation

Japan Para-ski Federation

Japan Boccia Association