Attracting diverse talent

Basic concept

We share our prized values of prioritizing sports and the environment, and living life without a boundary between work and play, as we engage in our day-to-day work. We believe that employees’ diverse experiences and backgrounds are essential to supporting and growing our business, and we seek to attract diverse talent and create conditions where they can make contributions

Employee data (consolidated)

  FY2016 FY2017 FY2018 FY2019 FY2020
No. of employees(persons) Total 2,251 2,330 2,526 2,679 2,830
Male 1,035 1,088 1,174 1,252 1,328
Female 1,216 1,242 1,352 1,427 1,502
No. of non-Japanese employees (persons) 6 4 9 9 13
Average age (years) 40.2 40.3 39.6 39.7 39.7
Average length of service (years) 12.8 13.1 12.4 12.0 11.8
Ratio of managerial positions (%) Male 12.1 13.1 13.2 12.5 13.5
Female 0.1 0.1 0.1 0.3 0.5
No. of new graduate hires (persons) Total 31 15 25 39 30
Male 14 6 10 18 18
Female 17 9 15 21 12
No. of mid-career hires (persons) Total 74 118 173 137 127
Male 35 78 96 65 58
Female 39 40 77 72 69
Turnover rate (%) 15.8 10.7 13.4 11.1 8.8

Employee data by employment contract type (consolidated)

  FY2016 FY2017 FY2018 FY2019 FY2020
Ratio of non-regular employees (%) 59.6 59.9 62.9 64.7 65.7
Regular employees (persons) Total 910 934 936 947 970
Male 479 492 483 492 503
Female 431 442 453 455 467
Contract employees (apart from sales associate positions)(persons) Total 224 246 338 393 433
Total 116 133 188 207 239
Female 108 113 150 186 194
Contract employees (sales associate positions) (persons) Total 695 747 820 905 978
Male 343 368 399 442 467
Female 352 379 421 463 511
Part-time employees (persons) Total 422 403 432 434 449
Male 97 95 104 111 119
Female 325 308 328 323 330
No. of employees (persons) Total 2,251 2,330 2,526 2,679 2,830

Stepped up hiring

Our model employee understands and lives our corporate mission “to realize a fulfilling and healthy lifestyle through sports.” Giving top priority to sports and the environment, we are stepping up mid-career hiring at our Tokyo Head Office and Toyama Head Office aiming to be a company that makes contributions to the world. We are working to attract outstanding talent who can work independently and know their own mind, regardless of sex, nationality, early or mid-career stage, and ability or disability.

Promotion screenings

We engage in equal opportunity hiring activities with a focus on work experience and without distinguishing between the sexes or between new graduates and people in the middle of their career. While performing work duties is also important, we have a policy of hiring people in the middle of their careers as contract employees, from our focus on having employees understand our company culture and atmosphere. If they decide in the course of their employment that they would like to work for GOLDWIN long term, they undergo a promotion screening to become a regular, full-time employee. The system enables them to take on this challenge while considering what they want in their career. We also conduct screenings for contract employees working in our stores and offices who want to change employment tracks and become full-time employees. Promotion screenings are given upon a recommendation from the employee’s boss, and consist of a submitted report, a written test and an interview with corporate officers. In FY 2020, 71 employees received a change of employment status through the promotion screening system.

Women’s advancement in the workplace

Our SPORTS FIRST philosophy is achieved when employees’ sports reality is connected to our products and services. Women’s ideas and values are also key to this, and we are focusing in particular on women’s advancement in the workplace within our push to create a company atmosphere and conditions that allow all employees to fully unleash their potential. As part of this, we established an action plan in 2020 based on the Japanese Act on the Promotion of Female Participation and Career Advancement in the Workplace. We have set the deadline of 2022 for conducting informational interviews based on the work–life balance sheet with 100% of female employees, and will move ahead with making further improvements to working conditions based on the action plan. In FY 2020, we developed the work–life balance sheet with a focus on when the type of daycare service children receive changes, and distributed it to female employees who were raising young children. We will continue to enhance our efforts to have our support programs for working while raising children be well known and encourage their use, as stated in our action plan.

Creating conditions where employees with disabilities can make contributions

We have set “Realization of an inclusive society” as one of our ESG management key issues, and have created workplace environments where employees can make contributions regardless of handicapped status. Takayuki Suzuki joined our company in 2009. He has built up an impressive record as a para-swimmer in various tournaments and is currently studying sports management at graduate school in the UK. He is also involved in product development, such as supervising development of a bag for people who use wheelchairs designed with input from wheelchair athletes. These efforts have culminated in a 2.63% ratio of employees with disabilities in FY 2020.

Ratio of employees with disabilities (consolidated)

  FY2016 FY2017 FY2018 FY2019 FY2020
Ratio of employees with disabilities (%) 2.16 1.95 1.72 2.46 2.63