Customer satisfaction

Basic concept

We have built a safety and quality management structure that covers development and production as well as all processes from sales to use by customers. We operate our stores to maximize brand value starting from dialogue with customers. We also continue to build trust with customers after product purchase through our Customer Service Center and Repair Center. Valuable feedback provided by customers gets shared with Goldwin Tech Lab and other related divisions, and is used to improve subsequent product development and services.

Store expression maximizing brand value

At GOLDWIN Group, we believe that our stores are the front line closest to customers where we can communicate brand value. We operate stores in a range of styles depending on the community and customers where the store is. They include highly specialized stores, stores designed for families and lifestyle stores. We don’t just display products in our stores̶ we aim to create spaces through the interior design, textures, music, scents and more that appeal to customers via all of their senses and make them feel comfortable and want to stay longer.

Places for communication with customers

Our stores give customers opportunities to experience sports, and are also places for us to proactively communicate the appeal of sports. Our stores are places not just to offer products but also where we hold events and workshops to engage in valuable communication with customers. We are intent on using the information we gain through communication with customers at our stores in development of new products and services.

Developing new store types aligned with customer needs

We are also focusing on developing new store types with the goal of further increasing two-way communication with customers. In Niseko, Hokkaido Prefecture and Hakuba, Nagano Prefecture, we operate THE NORTH FACE GRAVITY stores near outdoor recreation destinations. The stores not only sell apparel and equipment, but also meet wide-ranging customer needs for rentals of products and related books and hold events among other activities. In the Gaienmae neighborhood of Tokyo near the New National Stadium, we opened the urban store NEUTRALWORKS. BY GOLDWIN with the concept of empowering customers who want to live a sports lifestyle 24 hours a day to sustain their physical and mental well-being in a primed “neutral” state that is ready to shift into gear. Through these directly managed stores, we are exploring new sports-related value and o erring associated products and services.

Athletics and sports
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High-performance running store
Stores near outdoor recreation destinations