Basic concept

GOLDWIN Group aims to be corporate group trusted by its stakeholders that fulfills its social responsibilities by conducting its business activities in a sincere and fair manner while complying with the laws and regulations and adhering to social standards and ethics. To realize this, we recognize that it is essential for each individual employee to act with a strong awareness of compliance. We foster a corporate culture that is not permissive of any fraud by establishing the Corporate Code of Conduct and Employees’ Code of Conduct, both of which serve as the standards for employees to choose the appropriate action, and ensuring all employees are familiar with these standards.

Compliance promotion

GOLDWIN and Group companies follow our internal whistleblowing system and ensure that our external directors and auditors are able to express their opinions from an independent and objective point of view at Board of Directors and Board of Auditors meetings. By doing so, we solidify our compliance system and ensure that our directors and auditors perform their duties in a lawful manner. At various workshops, we ensure that all of our employees have a complete understanding of relevant laws, our corporate philosophy, and our code of conduct and review compliance with business procedures and manuals at all locations through internal auditing and internal control system assessments. In addition, we also conduct compliance workshops each year designed for office workers, including employees at the companies within GOLDWIN Group. In FY 2020, we held a workshop in which 1,380 employees were in attendance (100% attendance) with the objective of cementing company regulations, etiquette and morals, fostering an understanding of compliance, and increasing awareness of these issues. GOLDWIN distributes to all employees a Compliance Card, a portable guide on the company’s internal whistleblowing system, code of conduct and standards of conduct, and requires them to carry it at all times. We also periodically issue a Compliance Magazine, an internal e-newsletter, to help raise the awareness of our employees regarding compliance issues.

Internal reporting system

GOLDWIN Group deploys an internal reporting system (corporate ethics hotline) to receive queries and reports on the misconduct, violations of the law and corporate ethics, or any possible violation in the execution of the company’s business. Reception for this is provided at contract attorney offices and labor and social security attorney offices with external contact points as well as internal contact points, which enable anonymous reporting and queries. Moreover, personal information is protected and kept confidential in accordance to Whistleblower Protection Act, so that no one suffers consequences due to raising a query in either way. We conduct thorough investigations and reviews corresponding to the content of the received report or query, and then provide feedback to the person who raised the query and implement fixes. In FY 2020, we received a total of 31 queries and reports, which were all appropriately dealt with.