Realization of a carbon-free society

Basic concept

As a part of our environmental policy efforts, GOLDWIN has been making ongoing efforts to reduce CO2 emissions in order to achieve its goal of preventing pollution and preserving the environment. We replaced conventional lights with LEDs at our facilities in the Toyama area for the purpose of reducing electricity consumption. Also, by making improvements to our business, we are reducing overtime work by improving work efficiency and promoting power-saving operations such as efficient operation in the production system, revising shipping routes, increasing loading efficiency, and promoting energy-efficient machine operations by turning off idling engines. We will continue working toward a low-carbon society.

Conversion to renewable energy

GOLDWIN Group proactively converted to renewable energy at the Tokyo Head Office and the office in the Toyama region with the goal of being carbon neutral at all offices in Japan by 2025. As a result, the FY 2020 CO2 emissions at offices in Japan decreased by 79% compared to emissions in FY 2013. In the future, we will push this conversion to renewable energy beyond our offices in Japan to our directly managed stores.

Eco-power generation at our own office

We aim to reduce our environmental impact and CO2 emissions with the procurement of renewable energy at our office in the Toyama area, which includes installing an inhouse solar power generator in the future.

Carbon offset

At THE NORTH FACE, we are implementing carbon offsets for CO2 generated through procurement and logistics by supporting afforestation, forest conservation and other activities in Japan and producing countries. Going forward, we will expand these activities to all our brands and facilitate the conservation of the natural environment while reducing CO2 emissions.