“Sports First.”
This is the spirit of GOLDWIN.
It lives in our products and services.

Love sports, play sports,
and make sports
a top priority in our businesses and lives.
We believe and live this way
as a proud sports apparel manufacturer.

We are always mindful that sports is part of our daily life,
part of our work, and even our way of life.
Sports First is not just a slogan:
it is our REALITY.

Our products and services embody every ounce of our expertise and ideas.

We may not be celebrity athletes,
we are no different from our customers,
and that is the very strength of ours.

But from there,
we strive to create “real” products;
products that supports our everyday lives
become more healthier, more meaningful, and much fuller of pleasure.

Sports First.
It is in our heart and soul …
And it just continues to reflect in our products and services.

Since our establishment,
“Encouraging a healthier, meaningful life through sports”
has always been the philosophy of GOLDWIN.

In 2012, our 62nd year, we launched a new slogan
to express our love and passion for sports:

“Sports First.”