Privacy Policy

GOLDWIN Inc. (“Company” or “we”), values and respects the privacy of each of our customers (“Customer(s)”) and we are committed to protecting their Personal Information. Accordingly, we have established the following privacy policy (“Privacy Policy”). As this Privacy Policy is reviewed and revised from time to time with updates posted to this website, Customers are encouraged to refer to it periodically. Meaning and interpretation of the terms used in this Privacy Policy are in accordance with the Government of Japan’s Act on the Protection of Personal Information (Act No. 57 of 2003) (the “Act”) and related laws.

Compliance with Laws and Regulations

The Company respects and complies with the Act and related laws and regulations.

Personal Information

“Personal Information” referred to in this Privacy Policy has the same definition as in the Act; that is, information about the Customer that can identify him/her by name, age, gender, telephone number, facsimile number, e-mail address, occupation or other description as well as numeric/alphanumeric codes, symbols, etc., contained in such information, including information that would allow easy reference to other information and would thereby enable identification of him/her.
This Privacy Policy, however, does not cover such information as “Individual Numbers” or “Specific Personal Information” as defined in the Government of Japan’s Act on the Use of Numbers to Identify a Specific Individual in Administrative Procedures (Act No. 27 of 2013).

Purpose and Scope of Use

In conducting its business, the Company may use the Customer’s Personal Information when taking purchase orders, providing after-sales and customer services in relation to its products, and providing cost estimates thereof, responding to enquiries, making deliveries, providing information about the Company, its products and services, improving the Company’s products and services, confirming or sharing information with the Company’s operational divisions and contractors and conducting related activities.
Personal Information collected from an individual applicant for employment by the Company will be used for notification to/communication with such applicant, selection and hiring procedures, and in other operations relevant to recruitment.

Collection and Restriction on Use

The Company lawfully and properly collects Personal Information only to fulfil the purpose and scope of use under this Privacy Policy (“Purpose of Use”).
When a Customer is requested by the Company to provide Personal Information, the Customer will be informed of the objective and use and we will not use the collected Personal Information for any other objective and use than those informed.
Unless otherwise permitted under applicable laws and regulations, the Company will not collect nor use the Personal Information without the Customer’s consent.

Sharing and Joint Use

The Company and its affiliate companies listed on this website may, for the Purpose of Use stated here, share and jointly use, among themselves, a Customer’s Personal Information constituting personal data held by the Company and/or its respective affiliate company, including names, addresses, telephone numbers, e-mail addresses (“Personal Data”), to the extent necessary to execute their unimpeded and efficient business operations. In such instances, the Company is held responsible for the management of all such shared Personal Data.

Restriction of Transfer to a Third Party

We will not, except in any of the following cases, transfer the Personal Data to a third party without prior consent by the Customer:

  1. The Company commissions a third party to handle the Customer’s Personal Data only to fulfil the Purpose of Use stipulated in this Privacy Policy;
  2. The Company must cooperate with a state organ, local government and/or their respective agents executing their task prescribed by laws and regulations, and obtaining the Customer’s consent is likely to impede the operation of such task;
  3. The Personal Data is disclosed in a course of succession of business in a merger or otherwise;
  4. The provision is particularly required to improve public health and promote the sound growth of children and obtaining the Customer’s consent is difficult;
  5. The provision is required to protect the life, health or property of an individual, and obtaining the Customer’s consent is difficult; or
  6. The provision is required otherwise by laws and regulations.

Security Control

The Company shall endeavor to maintain the accuracy and currency of Personal Data as far as it deems necessary to fulfil the Purpose of Use stipulated in this Privacy Policy, and to delete Personal Data as soon as it becomes no longer necessary.
We moreover shall endeavor to supervise every employee and contractor charged with handling Personal Data so as to ensure its secure management and operation. We safeguard the Customer’s Personal Data on a secure network, and employ various measures to prevent its loss, mishandling, unauthorized use, falsification, destruction or leakage, etc. The Company designates the persons responsible for the management of, and limits the number of persons given access to Personal Data. We also prevent unauthorized access to the Personal Data through the use of passwords, firewalls, electronic locks and other methods.
The Customer’s Personal Information is collected through this website using the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption technology developed by DigiCert Japan G.K. to prevent the theft or falsification of Personal Data. A key symbol at bottom right of the browser window identifies websites equipped with SSL.

Personal Information of Children

To protect the privacy of children under the age of 13 (“Children”), the Company recommends that they should be allowed to use online services only after due consultation with their parents or guardians. We also request parents or guardians to preclude their Children from sending Personal Information via this website. When Children apply for user registrations via this website, we may require that they provide the e-mail or other contact information of their parents or guardians. In the event that children participate in a GOLDWIN promotional campaign and are awarded, their parents or guardians shall be notified.
We will not use the Personal Information we have obtained from Children for marketing or promotional purposes unless expressly specified at the time of registration or otherwise.

Use of Cookies

This website issues a form of data file called “Cookies” on the following pages to make the Customer’s buying process more convenient:

  1. Customer registration page for a purchase
  2. Pages of a purchase procedure, from initiation through fulfillment

Cookies are a standard industry technology for recognizing the Customer’s computer. Cookies on this website are capable of recognizing a computer, but cannot identify the Customer unless he/she inputs their Personal Information.
Most browsers can disable Cookies through a change to the browser’s settings, but this may turn off some of the services on the web page.

Customer Rights

The Customer has the right not to provide us with their Personal Information, However, in such an event, we may not be able to provide the Customer with some of our services.
Upon providing valid self-identification (depending on the circumstance, a driver’s license, passport or other identifying document issued by a public authority), the Customer may request the Company to notify the purpose of use of its retained Personal Data relating to him/her, to disclose or adjust such Personal Data, to cease using it or cease any other action in accordance with the Act. Concerning the disclosure, correction or deletion of the Personal Data retained in our possession, please contact us.

ID and Password Management

The Customer is solely responsible for the secure management of his or her ID and registered password. The Company will not assume any responsibility for the mishandling or unauthorized use of the Customer’s ID and password. If a Customer is found to have registered false Personal Information, we have the right to disable that customer’s ID and password.

Applicable Version

The original version of this Privacy Policy has been prepared in Japanese. In case of any discrepancy between English and Japanese versions, the Japanese version will have priority over the English version.

Reviced December 6, 2018