Integrated Report

This report is produced for the purposes of gaining public trust and encouraging dialogue with shareholders, investors and GOLDWIN’s many stakeholders. The content is designed to build understanding for the GOLDWIN Group’s thinking and activities, and covers key matters in view of their importance to short-, mid- and long-term value creation and their degree of impact on stakeholders. Listed monetary amounts have been rounded off after the principal unit.

GOLDWIN Integrated Report 2023 (Fiscal year ending March 2023)

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・Dedication to Detail
・Founding Spirit
・History and Growth
・Corporate Philosophy

・Value Circulation Model
・Strengths That Create New Value
・Message from the President
・Offering “Play with Nature” Experiential Value for a Sustainable Future

・Basic Policy and Quantitative Targets for Our Medium-term Management Plan
・Financial and Non-financial Highlights
・Overseas Strategy
・Business and Sales Strategies
・Financial and Non-financial Strategies


・Message from the Chairman
・Messages from External Directors
・List of Directors
・List of Auditors and Corporate Officers
・Corporate Governance
・Corporate Information