Newly opened GOLDWIN TECH LAB starts R&D of products with new values

GOLDWIN Inc. (President: Akio Nishida/Head Office: Shoto, Shibuya City, Tokyo/First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange: 8111) is pleased to announce the opening this month of its new R&D facility, GOLDWIN TECH LAB, in Oyabe City, Toyama Prefecture. Research and development activities have already begun for innovative sportswear using state-of-the-art technology.

Oyabe City is the birthplace of GOLDWIN and is already home to GOLDWIN Technical Center (GTC), which has been at the forefront of our R&D activities for many years. The addition of GOLDWIN TECH LAB represents our commitment to further strengthening our R&D capabilities.

At GOLDWIN TECH LAB we will endeavor to develop products that incorporate new and unique values, by taking full advantage of the R&D capabilities we have fostered in the 67 years since our establishment, as well as our product development expertise, which combines human insights with advanced intelligence aided by state-of-the-art instruments, and our unique and comprehensive inspection system, which ensures high quality and reliability.


1st Floor, Production Center
GOLDWIN Technical Center
230 Kiyosawa, Oyabe City
Toyama 932-0193, Japan
TEL: 0766-61-4800(Main)
(Floor area: Approx. 330 m2) 

・To strengthen GOLDWIN’s R&D, product development, and quality assurance capabilities.
・To conduct R&D activities for our next core businesses, such as collaboration with Spiber Inc.

【Key facilities】

Archive Gallery
The future we should aim for is expressed in the center, which is surrounded by 12 machines and products that symbolize the history of product development at Goldwin. It expresses the connect from the past to the future, harmony between technology and nature and the ambition from Toyama to Japan and to the world.

Quality Inspection Office
It is a facility supporting the quality assurance system that carries out quality inspection and testing of products, with emphasis on maintenance of product quality tailored to the market and customer satisfaction.

Stable Environment Room
In order to maintain stable quality, we conduct performance testing and evaluation of materials and products under conditions where temperature and humidity are kept constant.

Scanner Studio, CAD Room
Pattern design is performed using three-dimensional measuring equipment and three-dimensional CAD etc.
Three-dimensional information is visualized and the development of product is proceeded to provides the wearer with easier movement and more comfort.

Prototype Room
It is a place of gathering Goldwin’s manufacturing and processing technologies and instant embodiment of new ideas. We will also work on the development of new processing technologies.

Exercise Research Room
Analysis based on science such as motion dynamics and physiology is performed like motion analysis by motion capture. Using database of the analysis results, the development of product materials and patterns is proceeded in order to improve athletic performance.

Artificial Weather Room / Rain Chamber
All kinds of weather conditions are artificially reproduce to conduct product use tests. Satisfactory performance of functions required for each product is tested and it is also use for further improvement.

Meeting and Presentation Space
GOLDWIN TECH LAB, the core base of manufacturing of the Goldwin group.
It is located in the center and is an information dissemination base that accelerates the development of high quality, high added value products.