GOLDWIN Returns as Special Sponsor for the 15th GOLDWIN NASTAR Race Children/Kids Japan Cup

The 15th GOLDWIN NASTAR Race Children/Kids Japan Cup
GOLDWIN returns as special sponsor
A stepping stone for junior athletes to reach for the world
Event welcomed young athletes from Canada and South Korea

GOLDWIN returned again this year as special sponsor for the 15th NASTAR Race Children/Kids Japan Cup. The event took place on March 8th and 9th, 2014, at the Naeba Ski Resort in Niigata.

Held for 15 consecutively years since 2000, the NASTAR Race is one of the largest skiing competitions in Japan, drawing young athletes from all across the country.

This year’s event welcomed junior competitors from the U.S., Italy, and Canada, making it an exciting multinational competition in which a total of 260 athletes competed in different age categories. A welcome party in the evening of the 8th showcased song performances by Team Canada and Team Fukushima and a prize draw by the guest skiers. All participants had great fun and celebrated friendships across cultures and national borders.

The event also had the honor of the participation by world-class athletes, including the guest skiers Kiminobu Kimura, Hiroomi Takizawa, and Yasuhiro Ikuta, along with Gota Miura, President of NASTAR Race Association.

Combined events and giant slalom events were respectively held on the 8th and 9th in five age categories, from U8 (age 8 or under) to U16 (age 16 or under).

In the U14 and U16 categories, the competitors were ranked based on their total time over the two days, and the top 8 winners won an opportunity to compete in the Whistler Cup.

*Please check the website of the NASTAR Race Association for the results of each category.

The Whistler Cup is the world’s largest ski race competition participated by more than 400 junior racers from over 20 countries.

NASTAR Race Association, a non-profit organization, organizes projects to popularize, educate and promote winter sports extensively among the general public and undertakes projects to provide collaboration and support to individuals and organizations specializing in winter sports, in order to advance winter sports and cultivate the healthy growth of children.

The association strives to encourage children to experience the great fun of sports and will continue to host this event with the goal of fostering the next generation of top ski athletes in Japan.
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*Photos courtesy of NASTAR Race Association