GOLDWIN will be recycling gym wear from five schools in Toyama and Ishikawa

GOLDWIN to recycle used gym wear
Gym wear to be collected from five schools in Toyama and Ishikawa

GOLDWIN Inc. (HQ: Shibuya, Tokyo/President: Akio Nishida/First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange: 8111) will be organizing a gym wear recycling program at five schools from Toyama and Ishikawa prefectures.

Gym wear developed, manufactured, and sold by GOLDWIN using recyclable materials will be collected and recycled into polyester.
Launched three years ago at high schools where students use recyclable gym wear, the program has been successful in collecting approximately 20% in the last two years.

This year, we again installed collection boxes so that graduating students can drop off the gem wear they will no longer need. The recycling boxes will be set up until mid-February at five participating schools in Toyama and Ishikawa.

Through its “Green is Good” campaign (see reference material below), GOLDWIN has addressed global warming and contributed to the environment in any way it can as a sports gear manufacturer. As part of this effort, GOLDWIN has launched its recycling program, “Green Cycle,” since spring/summer of 2009.

■ Participating schools
・Toyama Prefectural Toyama Hokubu High School
3-20 Hasu-machi 4-chome, Toyama City, Toyama Prefecture TEL (076) 437-7188
・Kanazawa Gakuin Higashi High School
10 Sue-machi, Kanazawa City, Ishikawa Prefecture TEL (076) 229-1180
・Toyama Prefectural Takaoka Kogei High School
1-1-20 Nakagawa, Takaoka City, Toyama Prefecture TEL (0766) 21-1630
・Toyama Prefectural Tomari High School
603 Doge, Asahi-machi, Shimoniikawa-gun, Toyama Prefecture TEL (0765) 82-1191
・Toyama Prefectural Sakurai High School
1334 Mikkaichi, Kurobe City, Toyama Prefecture TEL (0765) 52-0120

■ Collection method
Collection boxes (see photo below) will be set up at the five schools named above to collect gym wear from graduating students

■ Reference materials
GOLDWIN is in committed to protecting the environment. Through our “Green Is Good” campaign – its eco-friendly product development concept – we apply fun and easy ways to reduce environmental footprint in the product development process. Through our initiatives we are doing what we can as a sports goods manufacturer for the environment under the banner of “Green is Good.”

・GREENCYCLE (Repeated use)
Since 2009, GOLDWIN has launched “Greencycle,” its sustainable recycling program in which used products are recycled into new ones.

By recycling and reusing synthetic fabrics such as polyester and nylon, we seek to reduce our use of materials made from petroleum, a limited resource that is expected to run out in the near future, and recycle fabric products as new fiber.

In the fall of 2013, we have begun a recycling program for down materials, also a limited resource. Through these programs we hope to incorporate our environmental conservation efforts into our corporate activities and to impact consumers’ choices.

・GREEN MATERIAL (Selective use)
When selecting materials, GOLDWIN’s first priority is to minimize environmental footprint. Our choices include a fabric that is recyclable or sourced from fast-growing plants using a minimum amount of resources, as well as organic cotton produced by a pesticide-free production method.

Recycled polyester, chemically recycled polyester, organic cotton, MAXIFRESH®, TENCEL®, modal

・GREEN MIND (Use with care)
At GOLDWIN, we put quality first, so that our customers can enjoy our products as long as possible. We provide warranty for our outdoor brands, and offer repairs when requested by customers.

Overview of GREENCYCLE

1.Customer (user) identifies collectable products by the “GREENCYCLE” hung tag and the embroidered name on the product.

2.Customers’ used products are collected at our wholly owned stores (The North Face, Helly Hansen, Champion, ellesse, Danskin, etc.), or shipped to a specified location.

3.The products will first be collected at one location. Once sorted, they are then shipped to the recycling plants of the fiber manufacturers.

4.At the recycling plants, the products are converted into fiber with a level of purity equivalent to that of fiber manufactured from petroleum.

5.Recycled fabric is then used to manufacture GOLDWIN’s new products.