To be a humane company that creates excitement and promotes a sustainable society

From our pursue of technological innovations, workplace maintenance to promotion of sports locally; we are constantly considering sustainable “wellness” in our initiatives.


Launch of Customization Services for High-functional Outerwear

We opened the new store “THE NORTH FACE LAB” within Shibuya PARCO on its opening day of November 22, 2019. This store offers “141 CUSTOMS (One for One Customs),” a clothing customization service that uses a 3D scanning system. It is an innovative attempt by an outdoor brand to create unique items that match the customer’s individuality such as their color preferences and body shapes based on advice given by specialist staff. Our hope is that customers will use these customized high-functional products for many years, based on our awareness of sustainability and our goal of achieving consumption that views limited resources from a long-term perspective.

Start of Joint Development of Workwear for Fishery Workers

Our brand HELLY HANSEN and Kindai University signed a contract for product development support in December 2017, and started joint development of workwear for fishery workers in earnest in July 2019. Attracting new workers, especially young recruits, is the most important issue for the aging fisheries industry, but the traditional image of the work as being tough, dirty, and dangerous has been a barrier. We want to change the image of the fishing industry by showing fishery workers being comfortable in both body and mind in their work. We hope to achieve this by developing functional workwear that is based on the strong sense of design that HELLY HANSEN has cultivated through many years of know-how; workwear that is light and easy to move in and that reduces discomfort.

THE NORTH FACE Products Feature New “AiryString®” Easy-Open/Close Fastener

Autumn/winter season products GTX Nuptse Jacket and GTX Denali Jacket released by THE NORTH FACE in 2019 feature the new AiryString®* fastener. AiryString® is a lightweight and easy-to-use fastener jointly developed by YKK Corporation and JUKI Corporation. Based on new technology, AiryString® integrates the “element”—the part where the fastener tape meshes with the opposing fastener—and the fabric (clothing) to create a fastener that anyone can easily open and close.

* AiryString® is a registered trademark of YKK Corporation.

Development of “MXP” Wear that Applies Our “Space Underwear” Technology

In 2008, we developed a material that exerts a high deodorant effect called “MAXIFRESH” in collaboration with JAXA and J-Space for use in “space underwear” worn by astronauts. We started developing the brand “MXP” that brings this material to the open market in 2010, and we are still continuing to create new products. Made from eucalyptus wood, “MAXIFRESH” is an environment-friendly product.

[Message T-Shirts]
We have been running the “MXP MESSAGE T-SHIRTS” initiative, which features one artist each year, since 2018 as a project to make people think about using deodorant as a kind of etiquette. For the second year, which was released on May 17, 2019, the contemporary artist Ken Kagami took charge of the design.

[Urban Survival Kit]
We released the concept product “Urban Survival Kit” on June 12, 2020. This kit consists of a special roll-top bag containing a top and underwear that feature MXP’s leading deodorant functional material “MXP FINE DRY,” socks and a face towel that also have a deodorant function, and an original mobile battery charger.

Launch of Functional Maternity Wear That Can Be Used Before and After Childbirth

From our brand, THE NORTH FACE, we released functional maternity wear for women that can be comfortably worn during pregnancy, and before and after childbirth. By incorporating functionality such as light weight and heat retention that we have perfected through many years of developing outdoor products, we have been able to create clothing that reduces the physical burden on women during pregnancy and before childbirth, and that is useful in daily life after childbirth such as when playing with children outdoors. THE NORTH FACE is strengthening its product development for women, and the maternity wear is also positioned as part of this strategy.

[Phase 1]
Six items including a down coat, fleece dress, pants, base layer tops, leggings, and socks went on sale from early October 2019.

[Phase 2]
Seven items including a raincoat, overalls and a dress went on sale from early April 2020.

Work Environment, Job Satisfaction

Opening Stores in Various Regions to Expand the Field of Activity for our Employees

In 2019, we have continued opening diverse stores throughout Japan and further expanded the field of activity for our employees. By hiring store staff locally, we are also able to contribute in local job creation.

June 7, 2019 THE NORTH FACE kids Sapporo STELLAR PLACE opened The North Face’s first outdoor shop for kids in Hokkaido

June 27, 2019 THE NORTH FACE + Okinawa/Urasoe PARCO CITY store opened SAN-A URASOE WEST COAST PARCO CITY store opened

October 5, 2019 THE NORTH FACE/HELLY HANSEN Shizuoka store opened Proposing a space where everyone from hardcore outdoor enthusiasts to families can enjoy clothing, food, and homeware

November 22, 2019 THE NORTH FACE LAB opened Opened a new store in Shibuya PARCO on November 22

November 22, 2019 Goldwin San Francisco opened Opened our first overseas retail store in San Francisco, California, USA

February 29, 2020 Goldwin Harajuku opened Opened our third brand directly managed store in Harajuku, Tokyo, following the Marunouchi and San Francisco stores.

March 20, 2020 THE NORTH FACE/HELLY HANSEN kids LaLaport TOKYO-BAY store opened Opened an outdoor store for kids in LaLaport TOKYO-BAY in Funabashi City, Chiba Prefecture.

May 17, 2020 THE NORTH FACE/HELLY HANSEN Shiretoko store opened Opened a store in Shiretoko National Park, Hokkaido, a World Natural Heritage Site

June 24, 2020 THE NORTH FACE 3 (march) NEWoMan Yokohama opened New store THE NORTH FACE 3 (march) for women

Certified by the Health & Productivity Outstanding Organizations Recognition Program 2020 (Large Enterprise Category)

GOLDWIN was certified by the Health & Productivity Outstanding Organizations Recognition Program 2020 (large enterprise category) by METI. This program recognizes both large enterprises and SMEs that practice particularly good health management based on efforts in line with local issues and health promoting efforts backed by the Japan Health Council.

We recognize ensuring mental and physical health as well as safety of our employees as important topics for our company, and management is proactive in implementing various initiatives that promotes health. We are committed in creating work environment where our employees feel safe and secure, both physically and mentally, through measures such as routine health exams for all employees, non-smoking on promises and stress management practices, promoting work-life balance, health promotion and mental health trainings.

Employing People with Disabilities

We strive to encourage fulfilling life that is side by side with sports and to contribute in betterment of the society, as well as proactively employing people with disabilities and settling in the company.

As a part of these efforts, we entered into an agreement with Startline CO., LTD for “Indoor farm type employment support services for people with disabilities IBUKI,” and opened GOLDWIN KAWAGOE FARM on October 1st, 2019, in Kawagoe City, Saitama Prefecture.
Herbal tea made from herbs produced at the farm is sold in employee cafeteria of Tokyo headquarter, also used as a novelty item for NEUTRAL WORKS.

Contributing to Local Communities

Concluded Shibuya Social Action Partner Agreement with Shibuya Ward

We signed the Shibuya Social Action Partner Agreement (hereinafter referred to as S-SAP Agreement) with Shibuya Ward on April 11, 2019. This agreement is a public-private partnership framework agreed between Shibuya Ward and companies and universities based in Shibuya Ward to work together to solve local social issues.

Since GOLDWIN and Shibuya Ward are both engaged in sports activities to achieve the same goal of “realizing a cohesive society,” we decided to conclude this agreement in the hope that collaboration will lead to further promotion of these efforts.

Details of the agreement
GOLDWIN and Shibuya Ward will collaborate on the following items:
(1) Support for the realization of a cohesive society through sports
(2) Support for developing the next generation
(3) Support for environmental conservation
(4) Support for disaster countermeasures
(5) Other support for which mutual agreement is deemed necessary

[Secrets of Rugby Uniforms Themed Exhibition]
From September 4th to November 10th, 2019, our group company, Canterbury of New Zealand Japan Co., Ltd., hosted an exhibition “Secrets hidden in the Japan National Team Uniform that Helped to Beat the World” at the Children’s Science Center Hachilab operated by Shibuya Ward of Education in Tokyo.
The exhibition showcased uniform provided to 15 players of Japan National Rugby Team and Japan National Wheelchair Rugby Team, offered a wheelchair riding to experience wheelchair rugby, and set up a fun photo area that familiarize rugby in the hope to demonstrate the appeal of rugby to children.

[Climbing class given by Yuji Hirayama]
On October 14th, 2019, THE NORTH FACE athlete Yuji Hirayama held a climbing class for children in Shibuya Ward. The event was held as part of the S-SAP Agreement, and GOLDWIN took out insurance for participating children and provided T-shirts as prizes for participation.
A total of about 80 children participated in two rope climbing classes and two bouldering classes. At the opening ceremony, Mr. Ken Hasebe, Mayor of Shibuya, also tried rope climbing for the first time with great enthusiasm.

[Provided 4,500 towel scarves]
World Wheelchair Rugby Challenge 2019, the international wheelchair rugby championships which GOLDWIN is an official supplier, was held at the Tokyo Metropolitan Gymnasium (Sendagaya, Shibuya Ward) from October 16th to 20th. Since it was held in Shibuya Ward, we provided 4,500 towel scarves to be distributed to elementary school students from Shibuya Ward as part of the S-SAP Agreement.
In addition, we have been providing uniforms to the Japan National Wheelchair Rugby Team and clothing from our Canterbury brand for management staffs including tournament officials and volunteers since 2016.

Special Sponsor of Toyama Marathon 2019

GOLDWIN was a special gold partner sponsor for the Toyama Marathon 2019 held on October 27th, 2019 in Toyama Prefecture, where GOLDWIN was originally founded.

Approximately 14,000 people from Toyama and beyond participated in this event, for which 2019 marked the fifth year. A full marathon, wheelchair race, and jogging race were held. GOLDWIN has been a gold partner since the first competition (held in 2015).

[GOLDWIN’s main efforts at Toyama Marathon 2019]
– Sales of marathon commemorative goods
– Providing recovery services to runners after completing the race
– Collecting and recycling the Participation T-shirts and Event Memorial T-Shirts from past competitions
– Providing Participation Memorial T-shirts and marathon staff uniforms
– Approximately 30 GOLDWIN employees volunteered to supply water at the first water supply station
– Volunteer employees set up food and drink stations
– Set up a special website for Toyama Marathon 2019

Prince Tomohito Memorial Cup 21st Hokuriku Welfare Golf Tournament

The Prince Tomohito Memorial Cup 21st Hokuriku Welfare Golf Tournament was held on October 17th, 2019, at GOLDWIN Golf Club in Oyabe City, Toyama. The goal for the event is to increase awareness and understanding of disabilities and to support disability welfare, which our company supports event organization every year.

123 players participated in this year’s tournament. Four of the short holes on the course were designated as “welfare holes” and the players made donations according to their score.

[Net profit presentation ceremony]
The net profit presentation ceremony for the tournament was held on November 20. Tournament Chairman Akio Nishida presented Chiaki Sakakibara, Director of Community Space Yaya-No-Ie (Komatsu City, Ishikawa Prefecture) with 1 million yen, which was raised through the donations received from the welfare holes, the net profit of the tournament, and GOLDWIN’s donation.
Community Space Yaya-No-Ie plans to operate a new office with a living (accommodation) function, and it is hoped that this donation will contribute to the costs.

Support for Victims of the July 2020 Heavy Rainfall Disaster in Kyushu

The GOLDWIN brand THE NORTH FACE is supporting aid provided by the Kyushu Trail Running Association (TRAQ) for victims of the July 2020 heavy rainfall disaster in Kyushu. It donated unused T-shirts with excellent sweat absorption and quick-drying properties that were made as a prize for participation in the ULTRA-TRAIL Mt. FUJI event, which THE NORTH FACE also sponsored.
The following is an outline of the support provided.

[Details of support]
・Support items: Approximately 700 T-shirts
・Support method: Support through Kyushu Trail Running Association (TRAQ)