Pursuing sustainable wellness from a wide array of perspectives.

GOLDWIN is pursuing technological advances as a manufacturing company to better provide prosperity to our customers. We are also working on improving our work environment and our training systems so that employees have a better workplace and to optimize their personal growth. We make contribution through sports to local communities in hope for their prosperity. We keep thriving, and will continue our efforts toward a sustainable well-being from a variety of perspectives.

GOLDWIN is pursuing technological advances as a manufacturing company to better provide prosperity to our customers. We are also working on improving our work environment and our training systems so that employees have a better workplace and to optimize their personal growth. We make contribution through sports to local communities in hope for their prosperity. We keep thriving, and will continue our efforts toward a sustainable well-being from a variety of perspectives.


“Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure” is the ninth goal of SDGs. We believe that engaging in innovation which would lead to creating new industries is one key step for a sustainable development. We utilize and pair technologies that were acquired over the years, and the latest cutting edge technologies together to develop new and innovative products unlike others.

GOLDWIN TECH LAB R&D Facility Opened at Founding Location

In November of 2017, GOLDWIN opened GOLDWIN TECH LAB R&D Facility in Oyabe, Toyama Prefecture, where the company was first founded. The aim is to develop products with new, unimaginable value by integrating human and ITintelligence, enabled by this state-of-the-art facility, and by enacting the high-level quality control with a unique inspection system. We are also working closely with Spiber Inc. on developing our next core business and carrying out a variety of different trainings to further enhance our company’s unique initiatives for everything from manufacturing to sales.

[Facility Background]
GOLDWIN’s R&D has been taken place at the GOLDWIN Technical Center (GTC), established in 1989. As GTC was welcoming its 30th year, we’ve decided to open a tech lab on its first floor to create a place where engineers could further exercise their ideas into use for R&D, which further enhancs GOLDWIN’s strength for the future.
Additionally, some main office functions were transfered from Tokyo to Toyama due to the creation of the tech lab. Having facilities in both Tokyo and Toyama has also allowed us to strengthen our business continuity plan (BCP.)

[Architect Features]
The most striking architectural feature is its expansive glass enclosure, and most of the space is open to visitors. The design of this building reflects our intention to innovate and share such information with others as we build our future.

Main Research Facilities & Equipment

GOLDWIN TECH LAB is equipped with research facilities and equipment to enhance and bolster our company’s technical development capabilities.

Archives Exhibit
This exhibit displays 12 machines and products that symbolize our product development history and conveys the future that GOLDWIN is striving to achieve. The exhibit expresses the connection between the past and the future, harmony between technology and nature, our growth from Toyama to Japan, and our desire to spread worldwide.

Quality Inspection Room
This facility performs product quality inspections and testing. It is the core of our quality assurance system and assures the level of quality control is at a level that meets customer needs as well as the market.

Constant Temperature and Humidity Room
Here we carry out performance testing and evaluations for products and materials under constant temperature and humidity conditions.

Scanner and CAD
Pattern designs are created here using three-dimensional measurement equipment and three-dimensional CAD tools. The visualization of three-dimensional information makes it possible to develop products that move more easily and are more comfortable.

Sample & Prototype Room
This is where we gather our manufacturing and processing technologies to turn new ideas into reality on the spot. We are also hard at work developing new processing technologies.

Training Room
This is an educational and training room for the purpose of improving techniques, skills, and knowledge of our employees. Practical training such as for sewing and paper stenciling can also be performed here.

Motion Research Room
This room is for the development of product materials and patterns and is used to perform motion measurements by motion capture, perform science-based analysis using kinetics and physiology, and improve motion performance and comfort from the results of these measurements and analyses.

Artificial Weather Room / Artificial Rain Room
This room can artificially recreate a variety of weather conditions for product testing. Tests can be performed to see if products live up to the desired functionality, and the information can be used for further improvements.
(Artificial Weather Room / Temperature: -30 – +50°C, Humidity: 20%RH – 95%RH)

Meeting & Presentation Room
This room serves as a base for providing information to accelerate high quality and high added value product development. There is also a virtual store for sales staff training and practical VMD training.

Verification Testing for MOON PARKA®️ at the GOLDWIN TECH LAB

In 2015, GOLDWIN concluded a business alliance agreement with Spiber Inc in the sports apparel field. And subsequently worked jointly to develop MOON PARKA® outdoor apparel. Since November of 2017, we have been conducting a variety of verification tests at the GOLDWIN TECH LAB in preparation for commercialization of the product.

[Outdoor Apparel Made with Synthetic Spider Fibers]
The MOON PARKA®️, made with Q/QMONOS®️ synthetic spider fiber-based materials developed through the use of our unique Spiber technology, will be the first outer jacket in the world to be manufactured on an actual apparel assembly line. Since revealing the prototype in October of 2015 there have been a number of improvements made in the material and prototypes developed in order to improve material quality stability.
Currently, the aim is to bring the product to market and it is undergoing testing in the artificial weather room at the GOLDWIN TECH LAB to confirm its insulating capabilities, its functionality, and its durability under cold weather conditions.
Additionally, through our joint development work we have been able to contribute to the attainment of a sustainable society by developing a structural protein material that is not dependent on fossil fuels such as oil, that is biodegradable, and that has superior biocompatibility but which is also still strong.

Q/QMONOS® is a registered trademark of Spiber Inc. (Registration nos. 5618107 and 5625912).

Contributing to the Local Community

The 11th goal of SDG is the creation of “sustainable cities and communities.” GOLDWIN is committed to developing the local community of its origin, Toyama, through active efforts involving sports for this area.

Special Gold Partner Sponsor in the Toyama Marathon 2017

GOLDWIN was a gold partner sponsor for the Toyama Marathon 2017 held on October 29 in Toyama Prefecture. We’ve provided marathon staff wear and supported the event in a variety of ways. GOLDWIN has been a gold partner and special sponsor since the first competition in 2015 and this is our third year supporting the event.

During the Toyama Marathon 2017, 35 staff members volunteered at official water stations, handing out water and sports drinks to runners. There were even some staff volunteers that set up a private aid station to cheer for the runners.

Special Sponsor for the Prince Tomohito Memorial Cup
19th Hokuriku Welfare Golf Tournament

The Prince Tomohito Memorial Cup 19th Hokuriku Welfare Golf Tournament was held on October 19, 2017 at the GOLDWIN Golf Club in Oyabe City, Toyama. GOLDWIN returned as a special sponsor for the event and had employees support the event as management staff.

The purpose of the event is to promote a better understanding of welfare programs for the people with disability through golf, and GOLDWIN is involved in hosting of the event each year. Portions of the event proceeds are donated to local welfare organizations and facilities, and these funds are then used to refurbish facilities, purchase equipment, and to operate.

This year 120 golfers, mainly from the Hokuriku region, participated and made donations in proportion to their score over four short holes. The donations and proceeds of the tournament were presented to the NPO Smile Network Sakai (Sakai, Fukui Prefecture).

Job Satisfaction

In line with the eighth SDG, GOLDWIN aims to promote sustainable economic growth through productivity improvements and technical innovation. We strive to create an environment where employees feel satisfaction and fulfillment through their work.

Introducing Employees Who Exemplify “Sports First” and Employee Awards

GOLDWIN publishes SPORTS FIRST MAG, an online magazine showcasing employees engaging in sports and utilizing their experiences playing sports in the development of products and services. The in-company SPORTS FIRST AWARD award system has been put in place to allow employees to select the employee that most exemplifies “Sports First,” whom will appear in the magazine. Winners are given a certificate, a prize, and paid leave to promote sports.

We believe that having employees participate in sports helps the development of better products and increase their credibility in the field. This is the reason why our company support employees who engage in sports.

New Businesses and Store Developments Generated by Employees

GOLDWIN is working to develop not only new products but also a variety of new businesses and services to meet ever-changing needs of our customers so we can further enrich lives.

The North Face Play is a new business that has opened in the Tokyo Midtown Hibiya commercial facility on March 29, 2018. The North Face Play proposes “playfulness” to customers in addition to products. We must continue to fine-tune our unique offerings at a right timing without losing playfulness in order to appeal to customers with unique values and eyes on new items and trends.


We see our stores not only as places to offer products, but also as places to communicate with customers. Therefore, we provide a variety of services at different stores, including trekking and climbing experience workshops.

Sales Convention to Challenge Customer and Sales Skills

GOLDWIN hosts a sales convention (a customer service role-playing contest) to improve customer communication skills and also to improve customer service and sales skills. In FY2017, this convention was held on November 21 and nine employees who advanced at the preliminary competition in nine areas of favorability, greetings, word usage, product information and technical knowledge, conversational skills, understanding customer needs, persuasiveness, closings, and salutations competed to prove their customer service skills from the time when the customer entered the store to when the customer left. The judges, which included the president, the vice president, and representatives from each store, awarded a grand prize, a runner up award, two special judge’s awards, a hospitality award, and a fighting spirit award.

Being Certified for “White 500,” a Program Recognized by the Health and Productivity Management Organization

On February 20, 2018, GOLDWIN was recognized under FY2018 Certified Health and Productivity Management Organization Recognition Program (White 500) for the large enterprise category by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry of Japan. The program recognizes large enterprises as well as small and medium-sized companies that are actively working on community health issues and those that promote healthy business practices in line with the recommendations of the Nippon Kenko Kaigi.

We take our employees’ mental and physical wellbeing as a strategic priority for our company. In this regard, a wide spectrum of programs has been implemented to ensure a safe and healthy work environment. This includes; an annual physical checkup for all employees, a non-smoking rule on company premises, stress checks, encouraging reduced overtime and the use of paid vacations to ensure better work-life balance, education about healthier lifestyles and mental health, support for employees with young children (including maternity and paternity leave,) and more. We are also implementing work style reforms, such as a ban on taking home laptop computers and an 8 p.m. lights-out policy to prevent employees from working late. In addition, we are working to make fundamental changes in employee awareness itself as to how they approach work.

Initiatives of Female Employees

GOLDWIN has a large number of female employeesm, especially in sales. The percentage of women working in sales positions is 59%, compared to 50.7% overall. At GOLDWIN, gender is not a factor in reaching a higher position. In FY2016, there were 38 female store managers, and the number has grown to 39 in FY2017.

However, GOLDWIN has low percentage of women in management positions. We see this current situation as a pressing issue to improve, and will foster a work environment where women can continue their career regardless of their life stage. For this reason, we are planning periodic discussions with female employees who are currently raising children.

Thus far we have implemented a number of support systems for employees with children, such as a double daycare fee support system (babysitter aid) for employees with children in the third grade or earlier, a parking fee assistance system to allow employees with children in daycares far from their homes to drive to work and have their parking fees subsidized, and annual paid time off granted for hours worked where employees can take flexible paid leave when they feel it necessary. GOLDWIN will continue to implement systems that make it easier for employees with children to work at our company.