Fundamental CSR Policy / GOLDWIN’s Aspirations for Sustainability

Fundamental CSR Policy

Every aspect of GOLDWIN Group’s operations ̶ from manufacturing to sales, delivering products to after- services ̶ is rooted in our corporate mission to “realize a fulfilling and healthy lifestyle through sports.”
We are committed to practicing management transparency, ensuring a healthy workplace environment, caring for the Earth and ecosystems, nurturing the next generation, and contributing to local communities and society through sports, with respect and passion toward sports.

GOLDWIN’s Aspirations for Sustainability

With the aim of achieving a cohesive society, GOLDWIN has adopted the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) agreed on by the international community as its guiding principle. The SDGs are not meant to be achieved individually; in fact, each is interconnected with and affects the others. The sustainability for which we are striving involves not only environmental conservation, but also our social connections and our operations, including our economic activities.
Moreover, the seventeen goals are divided into the five categories of “People,” “Prosperity,” “Peace,” “Planet” and “Partnership” and our CSR report also introduces our initiatives based on these themes.

The 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)
At this point in time, we are focusing our efforts on initiatives for the three Ps (People, Prosperity, and Planet), where we can contribute through our business activities. In the future, we will propose ways our company can contribute to Peace and Partnership as well.