GOLDWIN’s Aspirations for Sustainability

Our corporate social responsibility activities have been guided by our corporate philosophy, “Fostering a healthy, meaningful life with sports.” Under our motto “Sports Frist,” we support all those who play, watch, and cheer sports, no matter handicapped or not; by cultivating a healthy and cohesive society where everyone havs equal opportunities to enjoy sports.

The United Nations adopted the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in 2015 with the aim of achieving a cohesive society, which synchronizes with our corporate goal. Therefore, we believe, regardless the size of contribution, we can take part in SDGs.

Thus, we are shifting our primary focus to “sustainability” and we will make wide-ranging efforts centered around the SDGs that broadens our social responsibility.

Each SDGs are interconnected and affects each other, therefore are not meant to be achieved individually. The sustainability which GOLDWIN strives also involves a collective efforts to an environmental conservation, social connections, our business operations, and our economic activities.

The SDGs 17 goals are broken down into categories of: People, Prosperity, Peace, Planet, and Partnership. We have applied our activities into 3 applicable categories: People, Prosperity, and Planet, for this FY2017 report.

17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

Helping to Build a Sustainable Society

We prioritise, love, and play sports with passion to create better products and services. Our company slogan, “Sports First,” embodies this belief. We put “Sports First” in all of our efforts in achieving our corporate philosophy of “Fostering a healthier, meaningful life with sports.”


We are working to achieve a healthier, more cohesive society for everyone.

Our goal is to help achieve a cohesive society where everyone can live a healthy life. we support all those who play, watch, and cheer sports, no matter handicapped or not; by cultivating a healthy and cohesive society where everyone havs equal opportunities to enjoy sports.

[Examples of GOLDWIN’s Initiatives]

  • Promoting initiatives that provide support to players with disability and promoting a better understanding for handicapped sports.
  • Promoting employments of people disability. Some of our current employees are athletes with disability.
  • Activities to support youth sports.

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Pursuing sustainable wellness from a wide array of perspectives.

When promoting our initiatives, we consistantly consider sustainable wellness from a wide array of perspectives such as our technological innovations, work environment development, local sports promotions, and etc.

[Examples of GOLDWIN’s Initiatives]

  • Opening a research and development facility for the development of sportswear that adapts the latest technologies
  • Getting certified by the Health and Productivity Management Organization Recognition Program (White 500)
  • Continue to develop innovative operations and services to offer additional benefits that would cater to customers’ evolving needs.

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We put our effort into an eveironment conservation so that we can pass on this beautiful planet to the next generation.

As a sports product manufacturer, we continue to develop eco-conscious products and come up with ideas of how to reduce our envionmental footprint while having fun.

[Examples of GOLDWIN’s Initiatives]

  • Enhancing the GREEN CYCLE recycling system
  • Creating a repair support to encourage long-term uses of our products
  • Set down our environmental philosophy and policies to carry out out action plan for achieving a sustainable society

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“Peace, Safety and Governance” and “the Structure/Methods for SDGs Implementation”

At this point in time we are focusing our efforts contributions on initiatives for the three Ps (People, Prosperity, and Planet) where we can contribute through our business activities. In the future, we will be proposing ways our company can contribute to Peace and Partnership as well.