To improve the global environment through unbound imagination and breakthrough innovations that are beneficial to the world

As a sports product manufacturer, we are rolling out ideas on what we can do for the environment, such as in our development of environment-friendly-conscious products and ideas for how to reduce our impact on the environment while still having fun.

Building a Sustainable Society

Basic Principles of Environmental Protection

All of us should embark on the noble mission of living and prospering in harmony with nature. The GOLDWIN Group aims to reduce environmental impacts from its phases of planning, manufacturing, and sale of sportswear and other functional wear. At the same time, GOLDWIN strives to make a positive impact on the environment by offering environment-friendly products as total-health company. Below are the basic environmental policies that GOLDWIN has set forth.

GOLDWIN’s Environmental Policies

  1. Strive to prevent environmental contamination and protect the environment by complying with all laws, regulations, and other requirements applicable to GOLDWIN’s corporate activities and facilities, and to establish voluntary standards that are as extensive as possible.
  2. Protect our green planet by recognizing the potential harm our corporate activities could do to the environment and minimizing the impact of our activities through the collective effort of all employees.
  3. Set and review objectives and targets for reducing our environmental impact and engage in activities to improve the environment on an ongoing basis.
  4. Use limited natural resources effectively and reduce industrial waste with a full awareness of the amount of energy and resources used and CO2 emitted.
  5. Advance the development of health-conscious and environmentally responsible products by gathering all available corporate resources and developing proprietary technologies.
  6. Continue to be a company capable of operating in harmony with nature and coexisting with local communities in order to support the health of the natural environment and of all forms of life.

ISO 14001 Certification

In November 1999, GOLDWIN’s Toyama facilities obtained certification under ISO 14001, the international standard for environment management systems, making GOLDWIN the first company in the sportswear industry to receive this certification. To further develop its conservation programs and environment-friendly products while improving the efficiency of its operations through energy-saving measures, all of GOLDWIN’s offices obtained ISO 14001 certification in February 2006. GOLDWIN Logitem followed suite in July 2008 and Canterbury of New Zealand Japan and Black & White Sportswear were next in August 2011 and September 2013 respectively. GOLDWIN will continue to implement one of its corporate guiding principles, “Clean Management,” by providing environment-friendly products and services, in addition to implementing responsible employment and economic practices.

Effective Utilization of Limited Resources

An effective utilization of limited resources is one of the pillars of our environmental policy, and we strive to reduce our use of such materials. In FY2019, we reduced raw material losses, made design improvements using feedback from complaints and repair work, implemented thorough management of our equipment and manufacturing processes, reduced the amount of distribution and packaging materials, and improved efficiency and management by revising how we conduct our work. In the same year, we were able to collect 3.1 tons of product through our system of reusing old products collected with improved product collection techniques.

GOLDWIN TECH LAB, Toyama area uses LED lighting

1. Reducing Industrial Waste

Reducing Industrial Waste
GOLDWIN’s environmental policies also include the reduction of waste from products and raw materials. To this end, we strived not only to reduce waste but also to promote product recycling. In 2019 we had 96 tons in waste, achieving our improvement objective relative to the base year.
We will continue our efforts to reduce industrial waste by encouraging programs that; produce less waste, effectively use excess material, reduce defects and recalls, control product-order flow, eliminate processing losses, promote recycling through classification and sub-classification of waste, and with the promotion of 5S activities.

2. Toward a Low-Carbon Society

Pollution Prevention and Environmental Conservation
As a part of our environmental policy efforts, GOLDWIN has been making ongoing efforts to reduce CO2 emissions in order to achieve its goal of preventing pollution and preserving the environment. The company set an emissions target of 3,738 tons for FY2019 and we were able to achieve our objective with our emissions totaling 3,074 tons due to such efforts as replacing conventional lights with LEDs at our facilities in the Toyama area for the purpose of reducing electricity consumption. Also, by making improvements to our business, we are reducing overtime work by improving work efficiency and promoting power-saving operations such as efficient operation in the production system, revising shipping routes, increasing loading efficiency, and promoting energy-efficient machine operations by turning off idling engines. We will continue working toward a low-carbon society.

Initiatives to Tackle Environmental Problems

Initiatives to Address Environmental Problems

From February 1st 2020, GOLDWIN began offering shopping bags and gift wrappings with a fee at its direct-managed stores. As in initiatives of developing environment-conscious products, recycling product packaging, and further reduction of packaging, the company is rolling out ideas on things that can be done for the environment as sports products manufacturer.

Organization of the “THINK SOUTH FOR THE NEXT” Project

GOLDWIN launched the “THINK SOUTH FOR THE NEXT” project with Japan Gore and DAC Holdings on July 27, 2019.

In 1989, adventurers from six countries including Keizo Funatsu from Japan set out to cross Antarctica on dogsleds to raise awareness of the importance of the environment and peace, a journey of more than about 6,400 kilometers, which all the adventurers completed admirably. The “THINK SOUTH FOR THE NEXT” was a project conceived by the team aimed at succession to the next generation with renewed focus on social problems in the world today.

“As a sponsor of this project, we held a symposium in November 2019. At the symposium, we announced the “”Tokyo Declaration 2019″” that will communicate the importance of the environment, peace, and a spirit of challenge to the next generation. Under this project, we will continue to communicate the current status of environmental issues to as many people as possible.”

Signing of a Comprehensive Partnership Agreement Between THE NORTH FACE and Hokuto City in Yamanashi Prefecture

On January 16, 2020, GOLDWIN’s “THE NORTH FACE” brand and Hokuto City in Yamanashi Prefecture signed a comprehensive partnership agreement to promote regional vitalization initiatives using the outdoor know-how of THE NORTH FACE and the natural environment of Hokuto City.

Through this comprehensive partnership agreement, both parties plan to implement problem-solving activities such as teaching children about the appeal of Hokuto City, improving mountain climbing paths and other environmental protection measures and improving access to outdoor fields from train stations.

All Complimentary Products to Be “GREEN IS GOOD” Concept Products

GOLDWIN gives its shareholders complimentary GOLDWIN products. There are four complimentary product courses for fiscal 2020, of which selectable course products (Courses A – C) are “GREEN IS GOOD” concept products.

Course A
T shirt using recycled polyester from plastic bottles as the raw material
Course B
Bag made of organic cotton produced using a low environmental-impact method of cultivation
Course C
Environment-conscious long-use highly-versatile chamois towel

Course D (Donation)
Donation to the Japanese Para-Sports Association, of which we are an official partner, as a step aimed at realizing a cohesive society

Rolling Out What We Can Do for the Environment Under the GREEN IS GOOD Concept

GOLDWIN is doing what it can for the environment as a sports product manufacturer under the GREEN IS GOOD concept. A wide range of initiatives are underway to protect the fragile Earth at every phase of production, from product manufacturing to salvage and reuse, under the keywords of “GREEN MATERIAL (selective use),” “GREEN CYCLE (recycling),” and “GREEN MIND (long-term use).”

GREEN MATERIAL (Selective Use) Initiative

Launch of Apparel Using the New Structural Protein “Brewed Protein (*)”

From 2015, GOLDWIN has been involved in the development of structural protein through joint research with Spiber Inc. Research and development that started with technology to imitate natural spider silk has now entered the phase of producing a wider range of protein materials. And development of protein materials to meet the diverse needs of sports apparel is underway. In 2019, we commercialized T-shirts and outdoor jackets.

[Planetary Equilibrium Tee]
Toward the end of August 2019, we launched “Planetary Equilibrium Tee,” an item using “Brewed Protein (*)” produced through collaboration between both parties under our “THE NORTH FACE” brand.

100% “Brewed Protein (*)” is used on the front of the 3-layer outer material. “MOON PARKA” is the world’s first minimally petroleum-dependent outdoor jacket made of structural protein produced by microbial fermentation as the main raw material (Data from the Structural Protein Industry Promotion Association as of August 29, 2019).

[Skateboard] In 2019, Spiber and GOLDWIN began joint research and development together with Loaded Boards, a Californian skateboard manufacturer, of a skateboard using composite material made from bamboo and “Brewed Protein (*).”

* Brewed Protein is a trademark of Spiber Inc.

Manufacture and Sale of New Products Using Collected Unwanted Sailcloth

GOLDWIN’s “HELLY HANSEN” brand launched the “VINDKRAFT” project for the manufacture (upcycling) and sale of new products made from unwanted sailcloth collected from sailors.

As the first step in the project, sailcloth was collected between May 31 and July 31 2019 at the “Hayama Marina” (Muira district, Kanagawa Prefecture). We sell 212 products upcycled from nineteen collected sailcoths.

Continued Collaboration with the Beach Shack “SAIL HUS” in 2019

HELLY HANSEN collaborated on various fronts with the “SAIL HUS,” a beach shack opened by FMG Inc. at the Isshiki Beach in Hayama in the Miura district of Kanagawa Prefecture between July 5 and August 31 2019 by providing unwanted yacht sails for use as material for the roof and beach loungers and supplying rental lifejackets.

Starting in 2017, this is the third year of collaboration by “HELLY HANSEN” with the “SAIL HUS.” After rolling out “VINDKRAFT,” a workshop for use of unwanted yacht sails was set up in 2019.

Launch of the Environment-friendly Cut and Sewn Series
Using Biodegradable Fiber and Fruit Dye

In March 2020, Fruit Dye Cut and Sewn items were launched under “THE NORTH FACE” brand.

This is a series of environment-friendly “THE NORTH FACE” products that use “Tencel™ (*),” a biodegradable fiber made by Lenzing AG from raw timber from afforestation-managed areas using an environment-conscious manufacturing process, and a dyeing technique using natural dyes extracted from fruit.

Products launched in March use Tencel™, a biodegradable (composting) fiber using only reusable timber procured mainly from sustainable forests in Australia and its neighboring countries as the raw material. The manufacturing process for this raw material uses reusable energy and chemicals used in the manufacturing process are collected to ensure optimum consideration of resource conservation.

*Tencel™ is a trademark of Lenzing AG.

Original Upcycle and Reuse Project “EXPLORE SOURCE”

“EXPLORE SOURCE” is an original upcycle and reuse project of “THE NORTH FACE.” The concept of this initiative is to regenerate high-purity polyester from apparel products that are no longer needed collected from customers in recycling bins set up in “THE NORTH FACE” directly-managed stores for upcycling to high-spec products that will be used in future adventures.

In July 2020, using recycled fiber developed as a step in the “EXPLORE SOURCE” initiative, the “Instinct Explorer” series of items was launched, representing realization of production minimally dependent on petroleum resources. Environmental consciousness is also part of the manufacturing process, with pre-dyed thread woven directly into molds, eliminating the need for cutting, thus realizing reduced loss due to waste compared to conventional processes.

“GREEN CYCLE (Recycling)” Initiative

Expansion of Recycle and Reuse System Bases

GREEN CYCLE is our campaign started in 2009 that recycles materials for new products by collecting used clothing products, regardless of their manufacturer, brand, quality and condition. In FY2019, we collected used clothes at our 68 direct-managed stores, an additional 10 stores from last year, (as of the end of March 2020) throughout Japan. With the support of many great people, the weight of clothing collected in fiscal 2019 increased to 3,193.3 kg. The weight of 3,193.3 kg is equivalent to the CO2 emissions of 24,013.6 kg, which is equivalent to the annual amount of CO2 absorbed by 1,715 cedar trees (*1). In addition, the cumulative amount of clothing collected to date comes to 11,146.8 kg. Collected polyester and nylon clothing products undergo chemical recycling (*2) that reconverts them into high-purity raw materials, while collected down wear is recycled into raw materials for new down products.

*1: Converted using the 3R Visualization Tool (Simplified Edition) released by the Ministry of the Environment
*2: A recycling process to treat materials chemically and produce high-purity raw materials whose quality is equivalent to those made from oil.

“GREEN MIND (Long-term Use)” Initiative

Repair Service to Encourage Long-Term Use

THE NORTH FACE provides repair services with strict policy that provides “free repairs on items with material or manufacturing defects, and repairs on other cases for reasonable prices.” Repairs are offered not only for outdoor items from brands such as THE NORTH FACE, but also for motorcycle, ski, and athletic apparels. In addition, this service offers free repairs on kind’s items (excluding some items.) Due to an increased awareness towards the environment, we have been receiving more repair requests as an extended use of a single item became more popular. The number of requests increased from 3,500 in 2004 to 14,448 in 2019 (an 8% increase over 2018.)