We are working to achieve a healthier, more cohesive society for everyone.

Our goal is to help achieve a cohesive society where everyone can live a healthy life. we support all those who play, watch, and cheer sports, no matter handicapped or not; by cultivating a healthy and cohesive society where everyone havs equal opportunities to enjoy sports.

Our goal is to help achieve a cohesive society where everyone can live a healthy life. we support all those who play, watch, and cheer sports, no matter handicapped or not; by cultivating a healthy and cohesive society where everyone havs equal opportunities to enjoy sports.

Supporting Handicapped Sports

GOLDWIN actively supports handicapped sports by utilizing technologies and experiences acquired as a sports product manufacturer. Starting with an official partnership agreement with the Japanese Para-Sports Association in April 2015, we now have signed agreements with the Japanese Para-Swimming Federation, the Japan Wheelchair Rugby Federation, and the Japan Boccia Association, to provide team uniforms for those athletes in Japan National Team. We thrive to foster an environment, where everyone can continueously play and enjoy sports.

  • Support for “Players”

Providing uniforms to the Japan Boccia Association and to skiers with diability of Team Japan

GOLDWIN provides an official uniform for the Hinotama JAPAN team since April 2017 as a gold partner of the Japan Boccia Association. Our company also provided the newly designed uniforms for the BISFed 2018 Asia Oceania Regional Boccia Open International Competition, held for the first time in Japan between March 17 and March 21, 2018. We developed a specialized wear for this occasion with closer attention to arm maneuverability during Boccia competitions.

Additionally, GOLDWIN signed an official sponsorship agreement with the Japan Para-Ski Federation, a specified non-profit organization, and we provide sportswear with original designs to Japan team members and its executives and staff of the Alpen ski team (physical/mental disability,) the Nordic ski team (physical/mental disability,) and the snowboard team (physically disability.)

  • Support for the “Supporters”

Selling “Monkey Magic Tees” to Support Visually-Impaired Climbers

Rock climbing is one of the few sports which visually impaired people can safely enjoy. The NPO Monkey Magic supports visually impaired climbers through a variety of activities at schools and events with the aim to create a friendly environment for people, with disability or not, can interact with everyone through climbing. This initiative started in January 2006 and passed the 12-year mark in 2017.

We produce and sell these Monkey Magic Tees through one of our brand “THE NORTH FACE” to support the cause and donate a portion of the sales of tees to the organization.

The slogan of the NPO Monkey Magic, “NO SIGHT BUT ON SIGHT,” is printed on the back.

  • Support for the “Players”
  • Support for the “Cheer”

Second Year for the Chair Ski Trial

The Chair Ski Trial was held for the second consecutive year on March 3 and 4, 2018 at the Naeba Ski Resort, in conjunction with the 19th GOLDWIN National Standard Race Youth Japan Cup, which GOLDWIN is a special sponsor. This event was a collaboration with the Japan Para-Ski Federation and the Japan Chair Ski Association, for the purpose of raising awareness of sports for the disability to as many people as possible by having people experience it firsthand. Over the two-day event, approximately 50 people participated, many of them children, and they were able to experience both the difficulty and the fun of chair skiing for the first time.

  • Support for the “Players”
  • Support for the “Supporters”

Creation of Booklet to Assist Communication with Hearing Impaired Players

The GOLDWIN National Standard Race Youth Japan Cup is a national ski competition where athletes in elementary and middle schools compete against one another. Hearing impaired skiers has also been participating and competing on the same circuit as everyone in this event since 2017. With this ppositive movement, GOLDWIN created a “Deaf Ski Athlete Writing Notebook,” printed in both Japanese and English, so that hearing impaired athletes and the staff can better communicate in the event.

  • Support for the “Cheer”

Venue Setup for the Wheelchair Rugby Competition

2018 Japan Para-Wheelchair Rugby Championship , hosted by the Japanese Para-Sports Association, was held on May 24 – 27, 2018, which GOLDWIN was an official sponsor and our employees helped set up the venue for the event. Newly hired employees at our company helped the set up as a part of their training since GOLDWIN is now an official sponsor of Japanese Para-Sports Association. Total of 13 employees helped place a large sheet over the arena floor and assemble the sports courts for their fourth championship in 2018. Through these activities, GOLDWIN employees are able to gain a better understanding of supporting handicapped sports.

Actively Hiring People with Disability

GOLDWIN have set up a page on our website that provides information about employment for handicapped, and is actively involved in hiring people with disability. Some of our current employees with disability range from newly hired to 20+ years veterans, and they are active in wide variety of job categories including sales, development, distribution, and more.
2.03% of GOLDWIN’s workers are handicapped (as of March 2017) and this exceeds the legal rate set at 2.0%. In April 2018 the legal rate was increased to 2.2% and we will continue to actively employ people with disability to achieve the legal hiring rate.

One of GOLDWIN Employee with Disability is a Member of the Japanese Swim Team

Takayuki Suzuki is a swimmer with disabiity on Team Japan, and is been employed at GOLDWIN since 2009. By welcoming athletes with disability that we support, we aim to increase understanding and beark the barrier between all of our employees.
Between 2004 Athens Olympics and 2016 Rio de Janeiro Olympics, Mr. Suzuki appeared at four consecutive Paralympics, winning one gold medal, one silver medal, and three bronze medals. During the World Para Swimming Official 2017 Japan Para Swimming Competition to Support Recovery from the Great East Japan Earthquake, held on September 2 and 3, 2017, Mr. Suzuki took home the gold medal in the 150 m men’s medley and the 100 m freestyle, and the silver medal in the men’s 50 m breaststroke.

Creating a Work Environment Compatible for Employees with Disability

We strive to foster a vibrant work environment for employees with disability. Steps are being taken to make our main office building wheelchair accessible. We are also continuously working to increase awareness and educate all employees through training and other activities to have better understanding about handicap support.

Developing the Next Generation

Learning to enjoy sports as a child leads to a healthy growth of their mind and body. GOLDWIN hosts a variety of events to support youth sports. We also proactively host events for children and their parents so that the whole family can learn the joy of sports.

Hosting “The North Face Kids Nature School,”
Where Families can Experience and Enjoy Nature

With our hope to raise the next generation with an eco-mind, we once again hosted the North Face Kids Nature School in 2017, an event where children and their parents were able to exercise their survival instincts in the great outdoors.

[Family-Oriented Trail Running Event]
A trail running event for families was held on May 28 and the event was hosted by the foremost expert in trail running, Tsuyoshi Kaburaki.

[Family Trekking at Daisen]
A trekking event was held on July 8 for families to climb Daisen, a 1,252 meter mountain in Kanagawa Prefecture.

[Waterside Adventure in Nigawa Gorge]
A nature event was held on August 5 in Nigawa Gorge at the foot of Kabutoyama Park in Nishinomiya City, Hyogo Prefecture for families to get close to plants and animals in the area.

[Family Climbing in the Mizugakiyama Area]
A fun climbing event for families was held on October 29 under the direction of professional free climber and The North Face athlete Yuji Hirayama in the Mizugakiyama area, a prominent rock climbing area in Japan.

[Kids Trekking at Myogisan]
A trekking event exclusively for children was held at Myogisan in Gunma Prefecture on November 11.

Hosting a Tennis Event for Families

A tennis event for children and their parents called “Feel & Try Tennis” was held on October 1, 2017 at Futakotamagawa. Ellesse contracted player, Feliciano Lopez, as a guest teacher for the event. Along with the retired professional tennis player Yurika Sema, the event included talk show and a simple tennis lesson using a sponge ball.
Around 70 people attended the very entertaining talk show and 16 children took part in the tennis lesson. All children seemed to have lots of fun at the event.