Report on Environmental Activities

GOLDWIN thrives for a continuous improvement on its environmental performance by establishing fundamental environmental principles and policies, and by preparing action plans in the aim to realize a sustainable society.

Building a Sustainable Society

Basic Principles of Environmental Protection

All of us should embark on the noble mission of living and prospering in harmony with nature. The GOLDWIN Group aims to reduce environmental impact through our planning, manufacturing, and selling of sportswear and other types of functional wear. At the same time, we strive to make a positive impact on the environment by offering environmentally-friendly products. Below you will find the basic environmental policies that we have set forth for ourselves.

GOLDWIN’s Environmental Policies

  1. Strive to prevent environmental contamination and protect the environment by complying with all laws, regulations, and other requirements applicable to GOLDWIN’s corporate activities and facilities, and to establish voluntary standards that are as extensive as possible.
  2. Protect our green planet by recognizing the potential harm our corporate activities could do to the environment and minimizing the impact of our activities through the collective effort of all employees.
  3. Set and review objectives and targets for reducing our environmental impact and engage in activities to improve the environment on an ongoing basis.
  4. Use limited natural resources effectively and reduce industrial waste with a full awareness of the amount of energy and resources used and CO2 emitted.
  5. Advance the development of health-conscious and environmentally responsible products by gathering all available corporate resources and developing proprietary technologies.
  6. Continue to be a company capable of operating in harmony with nature and coexisting with local communities in order to support the health of the natural environment and of all forms of life.

ISO 14001 Certification

In November 1999, GOLDWIN’s Toyama facilities obtained certification under ISO 14001, the international standard for environment management systems, making GOLDWIN the first company in the sportswear industry to receive this certification. To further develop its conservation programs and environmentally-friendly products while improving the efficiency of its operations through energy-saving measures, all of GOLDWIN’s offices and its Dye Processing Center obtained ISO 14001 certification in February 2006. GOLDWIN Logitem followed suite in July 2008 and Canterbury of New Zealand Japan and Black & White Sportswear were next in August 2011 and September 2013 respectively. GOLDWIN will continue to implement one of its core business principles, “Clean Management,” by providing environmentally-friendly products and services, in addition to implementing responsible employment and economic practices.

Effective use of limited resources

The effective utilization of limited resources is one of the pillars of our environmental policy and we strive to reduce the use of raw materials. In FY2017 we reduced raw material losses, made design improvements using feedback from complaints and repair work, implemented thorough management of our equipment and manufacturing processes, reduced the amount of distribution and packaging materials, and improved efficiency and management by revising how we conduct our work. In FY2017 we were able to collect 2.4 tons of product thanks to our system for reusing collected old products and to improvements in product collection techniques (in collaboration with I:Collect Japan).

1. Reducing Industrial Waste

Reducing Industrial Waste
GOLDWIN’s environmental policies also include the reduction of waste from products and raw materials. To this end, the company has strived not only to reduce waste but also to promote the reuse of products. In 2017 we had 148 tons in waste, achieving our improvement objective relative to the base year. We will continue our efforts to reduce industrial waste by encouraging programs that produce less waste, thorough order-product flow control, through the effective use of excess materials, by promoting programs to reduce product defects and recalls, by thoroughly eliminating processing losses, by promoting recycling through the classification and sub-classification of waste, and through the promotion of 5S activities.

2. Toward a Low-Carbon Society

Pollution Prevention and Environmental Conservation
As a part of our efforts under company’s environmental policies, GOLDWIN has been making ongoing efforts to reduce CO2 emissions to achieve its goal of preventing pollution and preserving the environment. The company set an emissions target of 7,981 tons for FY2017 and we were able to achieve our objective with our emissions totaling 7,575 tons due to such efforts as replacing conventional lights with LEDs at our facilities in the Toyama area for the purpose of reducing electricity consumption. We will continue working toward a low-carbon society through such efforts as promoting power-saving activities, improving operations and work efficiency in order to reduce overtime, introducing energy-saving equipment into the production system, maintaining our facilities and carrying out efficient operations, revising shipping routes, increasing loading efficiency, and promoting energy-efficient machine operations by turning off idling engines.

All lights at the GOLDWIN TECH LAB changed to LED lighting